Monday, September 27, 2010

Some good tunes

So, a little about my style of music. I'm into a lot of different stuff, I draw the line at country and rap music (including R&B, hip hop and any other variant of it).

Mainly, I don't consider rap to be music. They don't compose anything. It's just spoken word over a 'beat' that was made on a machine. It's cold, and it's empty, in my opinion. I wouldn't even give it the decency to call it poetry.

Now, the stuff I do like, a lot of people would call it emo I guess, pop punk, I'm into a lot of punk rock too. But a couple of bands that have influenced me in being a musician, would be two bands that are still around, and very under rated.

The first one is "Brand New" and it's probably one of the best bands you've never heard of. Their lyrics are a nice change from what you usually hear, they're witty, and they have a sound all their own. Here is an example:

It's a song I really like a lot, dealing with the feeling of despair. I like my music to have a dark overtone to it, something that actually makes you think. Something you can listen to and paint a picture in your mind of what it could really be about.

They have been a big influence in my own music.

Another band that I believe is under rated, and a big influence on my own music, is the pop-punk band "Saves The Day". They've gotten a lot more time on the airwaves than Brand New. But they too have a sound all their own.

Here's an example of that:

Anyways, thats my music for the day. Hope you enjoyed it, there will be more to come.

Also, someone comment and tell me how to embed these videos, I can't quite figure it out.


  1. Post your stuff in HTML dude so we can listen to the tracks in the blogpost itself, too lazy to copy and paste it :P

  2. Yeah, thats what I'm having problems with man. I need the HTML coding for it, I tried the embedding stuff on the youtube video itself, but it doesn't come up right on the blog.

  3. I like all the albums from Brand New except for Daisy, I dont know why, some songs were pretty good but i felt it was a bit repetitive. not really a big fan of Saves the Day.

  4. Lol, sounds like you have a nice taste in music dude

  5. I agree and fall somewhere along the same lines with your tastes or at least spectrum, however not all (c)rap is bad just most of it.

  6. Glad you guys like it, now that I finally figured out how to embed XD

    Make sure to check back, I have a wide range of tastes that I'll be posting more often.

    @tonyman33, I agree, Daisy was very different, but it still had some very good tracks on it. It had a bit of a creepy vibe with the opera intro/outro. Your Favorite Weapon is my favorite though.

  7. I really enjoyed these songs! More like them!

  8. Maybe I missed something in the lyrics, but why were there multi-colored muppets in the second video?

  9. I saw Brand New live with Thrice, it was fucking amazing!

    Cawlin's Twitter!

  10. Brand New is a pretty damn good band, not that infamous though. I pretty much like most of the music that plays on the Warped tour, add some trashy garage, high school bands etc and I'm hooked :)

    I personally like Seventy times seven the most, the kid that blocked his own shot is damn good too!