Monday, August 30, 2010

Credit Card Debt

So one thing that I've noticed about credit card debt, is that the best (not really, but kind of) way to deal with it, is to simply ignore it. Sounds retarded right?

Well, when I was younger, I got my first credit card, maxed it out on fun stuff and new clothing, and made the minimum payment one time, after that, stopped paying it. Got another card, did the same thing, and did it once more with a Capitol One card.

Now, every few months or so, I get offers from third party bill collectors in the mail, asking me to settle my debt for literally $500.00 dollars less than what my bill was, so that's subtracting the interest and then some.

I'm sure my credit rating is demolished, but why pay $1,000 when you can pay $500.00?

Seems pretty crumby, but it seems like it's an advantage to being the procrastinator.


  1. A better way to do it is use 2 cards that have reward points. and just use them to pay each other off until you have enough points to get account credit. It really works try it sometime.

  2. yeah ionvaash got it right listen his advice

  3. Love to try again, but a bank would be retarded to give me a card again. lol.